Location: Edinburgh

Description: Student Accommodation (PBSA)

Budget: N/D

Edinburgh Student Accommodation
Edinburgh Student Accommodation 2
Edinburgh Student Accommodation 3
Edinburgh Student Accommodation 4

Located to the west end of Dundee Street and spanning south onto Dundee Terrace, this landmark building will rise from a busy juncture of the Merchiston, Dalry, Fountainbridge, and Slateford districts.

The shape and format of the site, colloquially known as a gushet, provides an opportunity to introduce a strong corner aesthetic which will act as a landmark to signify the change in direction of Dundee St at the junction with Dundee Terrace.

Massing of the proposals has been carefully considered and evolved into an organic form that reflects the movement, flow and dynamism of the site’s history, position and geometry. The resulting body seeks to reconcile and respect the traditional form and urban grain to the south and the fast flowing transport infrastructure that envelopes it.

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