Location: Kirkcaldy

Description: Single storey extension to provide self contained living accommodation.

Floor Area: 34 square metres

Budget: £52,000

Kirkcaldy Single Story Extension 4
Kirkcaldy Single Story Extension 2
Kirkcaldy Single Story Extension 3

With an older generation family member due to sell up and move in, this client wanted a space that could afford them some privacy during day to day living and access.

Double bedroom, kitchen, shower room and lounge have been carefully and efficiently placed within this small footprint.

A simplistic brick clad building with lean too format was proposed but extending further to the rear than the existing house this provides an almost sawtooth impression. The ceiling was maintained on the angle of the roof so as to bring a greater sense of space and, by way of a series of rooflights, leaves a bright and airy feel internally.

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